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Uricotelism is found in
A. Fishes and freshwater protozoans
B. Birds, Insects and reptiles
C. Frogs and toads
D. Mammals and birds

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Hint: Excretion: It is the process of removal of waste product out from the body of plants, animals and other organisms.
Excretion can occur through skin, lungs and kidney etc.
Excretion is an essential process in all forms of living organisms.
For example, in mammals urine is removed through the urethra, which is part of the excretory system.

Complete answer: Excretion is removal of metabolic waste products from the body to maintain the body fluid composition.
Animal body is unable to store proteins and amino acids like carbohydrates and fats.
Animals show three major types of modes of excretion.
1. Ammonotelism
2. Ureotelism
3. Uricotelism.
Ammonotelism: It is the process of excretion of ammonia and is termed as ammonotelic.
Ammonia is very toxic and needs lots of water for excretion.
This type of excretion is seen in freshwater Paramecium, Amoeba, sponges, and coelenterates, tadpole of frog, Salamanders and crocodiles.
Ureotelism: It is removal or excretion of urea and the animals which excrete urea are called ureotelic.
Urea stays for some time in the body as it is less toxic and less soluble in water as compared to ammonia.
Examples of Ureotelic animals are cartilaginous fishes like sharks, frogs and toads, reptiles like turtles and alligators, and mammals including humans.
Uricotelism: It is the removal or excretion of uric acid is termed as uricotelism and the animals which excrete uric acid are called uricotelic.
Uric acid is excreted in the form of crystals which are non-toxic and almost insoluble in water.
Examples of Uricotelic animals include most insects, land crustaceans, land snails, land reptiles (lizards and snakes) and birds.
Animals which show uricotelism are known as uricotelic animals.
It is observed in birds, land reptiles, and insects.

So, the correct option is option B. Birds, Insects and Reptiles.

Note: Oxygen is a by-product released during the process of photosynthesis, and which exits through stomata, root cell walls, and other routes.
In the pre-abscission phase, the metabolic levels of a leaf are high.
Plants also excrete some waste substances into the soil and around them.
Many plants store waste materials in the vacuoles of mesophyll cells and epidermal cells.
When old leaves fall, the waste materials of plants are also excreted along with the leaves.