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What do you understand by Cryptogams and Phanerogamae? Explain.

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Hint: In the phanerogams plants, after a process of the reproduction the seeds are formed that contain the embryo and the stored food which is used for the initial growth of the embryo, during the process of germination of the seed.
The cryptogam sub kingdom includes the plants which do not flower for lifetime.

Complete answer:
Cryptogamae: The reproductive organs in the Thallophytes, Bryophytes and in Pteridophytes are inconspicuous. The external flowers or seeds are absent in this. The reproduction occurs with the help of spores.
Therefore the plants in these three groups are called the cryptogamae.
Phanerogamae: The plant groups with well-developed reproductive organs, which produce seeds, are known as the phanerogamae.
The seeds consist of the embryo along with the stored food which provides nutrition to the growing embryo.
This group is classified into two sub-groups-the Gymnosperms and the Angiosperms, based on whether the seeds are naked or enclosed in the fruits.

Additional information:
The phanerogams are the plants that have special structures for the reproduction and to generate seeds.
Characteristics of cryptogams:
The cryptogams are lower plants.
The flowers, seeds, and fruits are not carried out by these plants.
All the plants that do not carry seeds are cryptogams.
The process of their reproduction can be along vegetative, sexually, and also along asexually.
The spores are used for their reproduction.
They do not have the structures as the same as the plants.
Characteristic Features of Phanerogams:
They have well-differentiated plants which means the plant body is divided into the definite root, shoot, and leaves.
These are the multicellular, eukaryotic and chlorophyll containing plants.
These are photoautotrophic and produce their own food by the process of photosynthesis.
These are the flowering plants.

The cryptograms are relatively less evolved as compared to the Phanerogams.
They have the hidden reproductive organs.
These plants have the reproductive tissues that are well-differentiated.