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Umabai Kundapur was influenced by the ideologies of ______
A)Mahatma Gandhi
C)Only 1

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Hint: Umabai Kundapur was born in Mangalore in the year 1892. Her birth name was Bhavani Golikeri and she was born to Golikeri Krishna Rao and Jungabai. She was the founder of “Bhagini Dal”, and led the women’s wing of Seva Dal. She was a fearless lady leader who educated young girls at the ‘Tilak Kanya Shala‘. She was the iron-willed lady who supported and sheltered the freedom fighters from the British.

Complete answer:
Let us discuss each option individually in detail to figure out the correct answer.

Mahatma Gandhi: Umabai Kundapur was appointed as the head of the Karnataka branch of the Kasturba Trust by Mahatma Gandhi. She was influenced by his ideologies.

Hardekar: Dr. NS Hardikar established Hindustani Seva Dal in 1921, to organise Youth and made Hubli the hub of its activities. Umabai was appointed the leader of the women’s wing of the Hindustani Seva Dal. She was influenced by his ideologies.

Only 1: This option would be incorrect as Umabai Kundapur was not influenced by Mahatma Gandhi alone.

Both: Since Umabai Kundapur was influenced by both Mahatma Gandhi and Dr. NS Hardikar, therefore, this is the correct option.

Hence, the correct answer is option (D)

Note: In 1924, in the Belgaum session of the All India Congress, she helped Dr. Hardikar recruit over 150 women to help. She was arrested in 1932 and kept in Yerwada jail for four months. The British confiscated Karnataka Press, sealed her school and declared her NGO ‘Bhagini Mandal’ as unlawful while she was in jail.