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What type of chemical reaction does the reaction belong to?
Hydrogen sulphide gas reacts with oxygen gas to form solid sulphur and liquid water.

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Hint: Before answering this question, we should know The loss of electrons or increase in the oxidation number is the oxidation. The gain of electrons is known as reduction. Redox reactions are those reactions in which one atom is getting oxidized and the other atom is getting reduced.

Complete answer:
The difference between oxidation and reduction are:
The loss of electrons from an atom or a molecule is known as oxidation whereas the gain of electrons from an atom or a molecule is known as Reduction. In oxidation, the oxidation state increases whereas in reduction, the oxidation state decreases. The release of electrons in the surrounding is Oxidation whereas the electrons obtained from the surrounding is reduction. The increase in the positive charge of a chemical species is caused by oxidation whereas the increase in the negative charge of a chemical species is caused by reduction. Oxidation happens in reducing agents whereas reduction happens in oxidizing agents. The two half-reactions of redox reactions are oxidation and reduction.
Hydrogen sulphide (${{H}_{2}}S$) reacts with oxygen (${{O}_{2}}$)to form solid sulphur ($S$)and water (${{H}_{2}}O$). This reaction is known as redox reaction as both oxidation of hydrogen sulphide to sulphur and reduction of oxygen to water takes place. The equation here is –
$2{{H}_{2}}S+{{O}_{2}}\to 2S+2{{H}_{2}}O$

To balance redox reaction is much more difficult than to balance the standard chemical equations. The basic difference between balancing them is that we use the half Equation method in the redox reaction. We divide the equation into two parts. one performs oxidation, other performs reduction.