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‘Type Metal’ is a well-known alloy made out of three metals:
A.Pb, Sb, Sn
B.Ni, Cu, Ag
C.Ag, Ni, Zn
D.Al, Cu, Zn

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Hint: An alloy is described or formed by the combination of metals and nonmetals, in unknown proportions, according to the need of the alloy. An alloy is generally an impure metal which has the undesirable metals as the impurity.

Complete answer:
Here we have been asked how is the type metal formed and by the mixing of which three metals
Now first let’s define alloys
Alloys are a combination of metals with athletes one other metal or nonmetal. now this combination of the metal-metal or metal-nonmetal must be a part of a solid solution or maybe a compound or maybe a mixture which forms the alloys.
These metals are mostly formed by the mixture of these metals in the molten state. This molten state mixture of both the metals is poured into a metal or sand mould and left there for solidifying. Generally, what happens is the main metal is molten downed then the second metal is mixed properly and slowly.
Alloys are used or formed because they give the metal some physical properties that it lacks generally or maybe it is used in the luxury industry like when gold and copper are mixed to form copper gold.
Now type metal is formed by the mixture of three metals being lead, tin and antimony. Now the alloy of these three metals is called a type metal because when we vary the proportion of the three metals then we get alloys for different purposes.
Pb, Sn, Sb form an alloy ‘type metal’
Hence the correct answer is option A.

Type metal is used for different purposes like casting for hand setting, mechanical line casting and stereo plate casting. Also, the metal in which other metal oils are mixed is called the base metal and the base metal is molten downed first. Alloy having two or three or four atoms are called binary, ternary and quaternary alloy respectively.