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Two immiscible liquids are separated by?
A.Separating funnel
B.Fractional Distillation

Last updated date: 19th Jul 2024
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Hint: We have to remember that the fractional distillation is used to separate two liquids and the separating funnel is also used to separate two liquids. The difference lies in the miscibility. One must look at the miscible/ immiscible liquids to use different techniques.

Complete answer:
Option A) this is a correct option as Separating funnel is the easiest way to separate two immiscible liquids. A separating funnel is a special type of funnel that has a stopper in its stem which stops the flow of fluid.
Option B) This is an incorrect option as Fractional distillation is used to separate two liquids.
Example: Liquid ethanol can be separated by using fraction distillation of ethanol and water.
Option C) this is an incorrect option, Chromatography is used to separate mixtures. There are many types of chromatographic techniques that are Paper, Thin layer, Liquid Chromatography and many more.
Example: Mixture of ink can be separated by using paper chromatography.
Option D) this is an incorrect option, Sublimation is a technique that is used to separate mixtures containing sublimable and non sublimable impurity.
Example: Camphor can be separated by using sublimation technique.

We have to know that the two immiscible liquids are added to the separating funnel, it is required to shake the funnel properly before separating as it gives easy settling of the liquids and once the liquids are settled in a funnel, the one with lower density moves downwards and the other at the top of downward layer. Thus it is easy to separate two liquids.
Example: Separation of oil and water is used by using a separating funnel.