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Two elements needed for building healthy teeth and bones are ________.
A. Iron and Calcium
B. Phosphorus and Iron
C. Calcium and Phosphorous
D. \[CO_2\] ​and \[H_2O\]

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Hint: Teeth and bones look alike and share some common features, including those that are harder in the body. However, the teeth just aren't bone. They contain elements that play an important role in maintaining these structures.

Complete answer: Collagen, a type of protein, is primarily present in a bone. The other big component of the bone is calcium phosphate, i.e. a mineral. Collagen gives bones a soft frame which is made hard and solid by the calcium phosphate. Bones consist of living tissues, so they are constantly remodelled throughout life. Id the old bone tissue is damaged, new tissue is being made to replace the old tissue. Enamel, i.e. the teeth's rough outer layer is made up of minerals, such as calcium phosphate. Enamel is more complicated than bones. It is potentially the entire body's toughest material. The enamel does not contain any living tissues, unlike bones. The tissue underneath the enamel is called dentin. This bone-like tissue constitutes much of the structure of the teeth and is very sensitive to tooth sensitivity and cavities by bacteria. The pulp is considered as the soft nucleus of a tooth. It is a living tissue of connective tissues, nerves and vessels. The development and maintenance of healthy teeth and bones in both children and adults is maintained by calcium, vitamin D and phosphorus.
Hence, the correct answer is option C.

Note: If a person breaks a bone, the body instantly starts the recovery process. A soft callus made of collagen forms in the damaged fabric and as new bone tissue is formed, a harsh callus forms later. In contrast, broken teeth have no healing power. Since the enamel doesn't contain any living tissue, it can't make a callus to repair itself.