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True or false $N{a_3}P{O_4}$ and $NaHP{O_3}$ are normal salts.
A. True
B. False

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Hint: The salts are the ionic compound formed by the neutralization reaction taking place between acid and base by removing water as a by product. The normal salts are formed by replacing the hydrogen atom of the parent compound with a metal cation.

Complete step by step answer:
Normal salts are defined as a salt where the hydrogen atom present in the parent compound is replaced by the metal cation or the ammonium ion. The normal salts may be dissolved in cold water or may not be dissolved. The nitrates salts are soluble in cold water, all sodium salts, potassium salts and ammonium salts are soluble, chlorides salts are soluble in cold water except chlorides salts of lead, silver and mercury. All sulfates salts are soluble except sulfate salts of metal lead, barium and calcium.
The sodium phosphate $N{a_3}P{O_4}$ salt is formed from its parent compound phosphoric acid ${H_3}P{O_3}$. During the formation, the three hydrogen atoms of phosphoric acid are replaced by three sodium cations to form sodium phosphate. Thus, sodium phosphate $N{a_3}P{O_4}$ is considered as a normal salt.
The sodium hydrogen phosphate $NaHP{O_3}$ salt is formed from its parent compound dihydrogen phosphite ${H_2}P{O_3}$. During the formation, the one hydrogen atom of the dihydrogen phosphite is replaced by one sodium cation to form sodium hydrogen phosphate. Thus, sodium hydrogen phosphate is considered as a normal salt.
Thus, the statement $N{a_3}P{O_4}$ and $NaHP{O_3}$ are normal salts is true.

So, the correct answer is Option A.

Note: The normal salts are formed from acid compounds only. The normal salts does not contain replaceable hydrogen atoms. Other examples of normal salts are sodium carbonate, potassium chloride, sodium sulfate, potassium nitrate.

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