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Translatory motions are of two types. State whether true or false.

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Hint: There are different types of motion which we come across in our daily life. We need to understand the difference between each of them to understand the category under which a given motion comes. We can easily find the solution to the problem.

Complete answer:
The change of position of a body with respect to time is called motion. There are various forms of motion which are dependent on the time taken, the path taken, the velocity of the particles in the system and so on.
The translational motion and the rotational motion are the two types of motion which are classified on the velocity of the different particles of the system at a given instant.
The translational motion is the type of motion in which all the particles in the system that undergo the motion in such a way that the individual particles will have equal magnitude and direction at every instant. A represents translational motion and B represents rotational motion.
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There are two types of translational motion – the rectilinear motion and the curvilinear motion.
The rectilinear motion is the form of translatory motion in which the object undergoes a straight-line motion. The direction of the motion will remain constant throughout the motion.
The curvilinear motion is the translatory motion in which the object takes a random path which changes with time. All the particles will have the same direction at each instant.
From the above explanations we understand that there are two types of translatory motion.

The statement given is, therefore, true.

The rotational motion is different from the curvilinear motion because in the rotational motion each particle will have different velocity and direction at an instant, whereas, for a curvilinear motion all the particles possess the same velocity and direction at an instant.
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