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How do you translate “the number of days in a $\text{W}$ weeks” into an algebraic expression?

Last updated date: 24th Feb 2024
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Hint: Whenever a problem is given in words of mathematics we should always translate it to algebraic expressions. The hardest thing about doing word problems is using the part where you need to take the English words and translate them into mathematics.
Below some are the indicators to help you translate the word problem into mathematics.
Additionally, be written as:
Increased by
Combined together
Total of
For subtraction:
Decreased by
Minus, less
Difference between lot
Less than, fewer than
For multiplication:
Times, multiplied by
Twice, triple
For division:
Per, a
Out of
Ratio of, quotient of
Percent (divide by $\text{100}$)
Equal pieces, split
Is, are, was, were, will be
Gives, yields
Sold for, cost

Complete step by step solution:Given sentence,
“number of days in a $\text{W}$ weeks”
Now, for this
Let’s assume the number of days in a week $\text{=d}$
Assuming there are $\text{7}$ days in a week
So the value of $\text{d=7}$
Let us assume total number at days $\text{W}$week $=D$
In one week there are $\text{7}$ days
Therefore, in $\text{W}$ week the number of days $=d\times W$
As we have assumed total number of days $\text{W}$ week is $D$ and number of days in a week $d$ i.e. $\text{7}$
So, the translation of the sentence “number of days in a $\text{W}$ weeks” into algebraic expression is $D=7\times W$

Additional Information:
The word problems in mathematics helps to understand the concept of other subjects such as physics and chemistry better by converting those words in mathematics. It is easier for students as well as for teachers to clear the concept of students.
Problem similar to this can cross you anywhere which is “number of pounds in $z$ ounces”
Since there are $16$ ounces in $1$ pound. Just divide the number ounces ($z$) by $16$ to get the number of pounds. $\dfrac{z}{16}$ will be the expression for the sentence number of pounds in $z$ ounces.

Read the word problem carefully and understand it mathematically. $\text{W}$ does not represent one week. It represents the number of weeks. $d$ is for a number of days in one week and $D$ is for a number of days in $\text{W}$ weeks.