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To increase the \[pH\] value of a neutral solution, we should add:
A.An acid
B.An acid salt
C.An alkali
D.A salt

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Hint: We must remember that the more acid the solution lower the \[pH\] and more basic the solution higher the \[pH\].

Complete step by step answer:
Let's start this discussion with the basic question that arises in our mind which is, what actually is pH?
Well, \[pH\] is nothing more than an indicator that tells us whether the substance that is with us is acidic or basic in nature. Or we can say that \[pH\] is nothing more than the negative logarithm of hydrogen or \[{H^ + }\] ions present in the medium. It is a scale with numbers marked from 0-14, number 7 is marked as neutral in the scale while higher than 7 is basic, and lower than 7 is acidic in nature.
So if we need to increase the \[pH\] that means we need to turn the solution basic in nature.
So for this, we need to add a substance that will increase the \[O{H^ - }\] ion concentration because at neutral \[pH\] the balance between \[O{H^ - }\] and \[{H^ + }\] is equal.
For this Alkali would be the most preferred choice due to its basic nature.
When we add a base to the solution the extra \[O{H^ - }\] ion will bond with \[{H^ + }\] ion thus reducing the net \[{H^ + }\] ion concentration of the solution and ultimately increasing the \[pH\] of the solution.
Thus the correct answer for this question would be C) an alkali.

We must know that the \[pH\] of a solution has very high importance in our life. The blood in our body is having a \[pH\] of 7.35 to 7.45 which can be considered slightly basic. The blood acts as a buffer but in any case, the \[pH\] in the blood is changed then it might cause death as some soluble content in the blood can precipitate which leads to blockage of veins. So, the \[pH\] has its own importance in life.