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This Indian scientist and his group contributed immensely to $C_4$ photosynthesis research
A) J.C Bose
B) V.S Rama Das
C) P.K.K Nair
D) C.G.K Ramanujan

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Hint:$C_4$ photosynthesis is an improvised metabolic mechanism for carbon fixation in plants. Maize, sorghum and sugarcane are some of the C4 plants. They avoid photorespiration with the help of PEP(phosphoenolpyruvate) carboxylase enzyme during carbon fixation.

Complete Answer:
>Jagadish Chandra Bose is known as the father of Bengali science fiction. During the early 20th century, he invented a device called a crescograph which measures the growth in plants. It is equipped with a series of smoked glass plates and clockwork gears to record the movement of a plant(at tip or at its root). He had a strong belief that plants had a sensitive nervous system.
>Vallabhaneni Sita Rama Das was a plant physiologist and botanist. He was the first person to obtain purified chloroplasts that were free from the contamination of mitochondria and specialized in photosynthesis. Later he studied about $C_3$ - $C_4$ intermediate, CAM, $C_4$ pathway along with their taxonomic distribution.
>Parameswaran Krishnan Kutty Nair is regarded as the father of Indian palynology. He was a well renowned palynologist who proposed the basic idea about paraphyletic theory of the origin of angiosperms which is based on the pattern of morphological evolution of spores and pollens.

Therefore the correct answer is (b) V.S Rama Das.

Note:Though the pioneer studies on photosynthesis was done by Sir J.C. Bose, the further studies on $C_4$ plants was carried out by V.S. rama Das along with his team.