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This branch of chemistry deals with chemistry of elements other than carbon and of their compounds.
A) Physical Chemistry
B) Inorganic Chemistry
C) Organic Chemistry
D) Analytical Chemistry

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Hint: It includes the study of every metal, and minerals. In this branch of chemistry we study about the composition of several metal ores and its compositions.

Complete answer:
Chemistry is the branch of science which mainly studies the chemical aspects of a matter, what they are composed of and studying reactions that are involved in the formation of substances. Put light on the study of different experiments and carry out those reactions in various conditions to form a new matter.
And this branch of science is classified in many, some of them are-
Physical chemistry, Organic chemistry, Inorganic chemistry, Analytical chemistry, Medicinal chemistry, Polymer chemistry etc.
Each branch has its own area of study and they also overlap and form many hybrid topics of study.
Each branch is concerned about each aspect as if we say in physical chemistry we are more concerned about the concepts of physics like the motion, force, energy of a reaction, heat transfer, statistical thermodynamics etc., so the topics like the kinetics of reaction, electrochemistry where we are more concerned about the EMF of cell and its reactions will come under this branch.
In polymer chemistry we study about various aspects of the polymer. In the options mentioned above the branch of science that deals with compounds other than carbon is Inorganic Chemistry.
Inorganic chemistry deals with the study of synthesis and properties of inorganic compounds and organometallic compounds. This branch does not study about C and its compounds more precisely, saying compounds with C-H bond. It finds application in designing of smart materials, catalysis, complex formation, pigments, surface coatings etc.

So the correct option for the above question is option (B).

Note: Organic chemistry is the branch which deals with carbon and its compounds. Even though inorganic chemistry and organic chemistry are two different branches, the principles of both are put together for the study of areas like organometallics, bioinorganic etc.
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