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The word ‘socialist secular’ and ‘unity and integrity of the nation’ were added to our constitution by_____________.
A)42nd amendment of the constitution
B)44th amendment of the constitution
C)46th amendment of the constitution
D)None of above

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Hint: The Indian National Congress, then led by Indira Gandhi, passed it. It is also known as the 'Mini-Constitution' because of the vast number of changes this Act has introduced to the Indian Constitution.

Complete answer:
The 42nd Amendment Act also known as The Constitution Act, 1976, is considered one of the most contentious acts in the history of Indian Constitution amendments.Due to several revisions, the Indian Constitution to what it is today has undergone substantive modifications.

The various provisions given below have been amended :
1)Jurisdiction of the Supreme Court and of the High Courts were limited.
2)Laid down 10 basic duties for people.
3)Words added to the Preamble: Socialist, Secular, Honesty and unity and integrity of the nation

Lets see the options :
42nd amendment of constitution : also known as mini constitution because of so many amendments brought by this act like addition of words like ‘socialist, secular ,unity ‘ etc thus this option is the correct answer.
44th amendment of constitution : this act was used to undo all the changes that happened in the 1976 emergency thus this option is wrong.
46th amendment of constitution : this act brought change in sales tax thus this option is wrong too.
None of the above : the 42nd amendment of the constitution added a word like socialist secular thus this option is wrong too.

Hence, the correct answer is option (A)

Note: This act was recognised as India's Mini Constitution and was brought in during the national emergency.
Preamble: The words Socialist, Secular, and Honesty were included in the preamble.
Legislature: Life was extended from 5 to 6 years for Lok Sabha and state assemblies. President: Article 74 has been changed, since the President acts on the advice of the Council of Ministers.