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The word Homo sapiens means
(A) Human group
(B) Wise man
(C) Toolmaker
(D) All of the above

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Hint:The species in which the modern human belongs is called Homo sapiens. The Homo sapiens belongs to the genus Homo. This genus denotes all the organisms similar to the human. In the homo genus, all the species except the Homo sapiens are extinct.

Complete answer:
The name Homo sapiens was provided to the modern man by Carolus Linnaeus. The gorillas, chimpanzees, orangutans and the gibbons have the similar body structure of the human. Hence they are called as the closest human relatives. These organisms differed from the human by their cognitive characteristics.

The Homo sapiens are called as the fully human since all the morphological and the other characters of the human are fully developed in him when compared to the Homo erectus, Neanderthal man and the hominins. Out of which the Homo sapiens alone exist all the others become extinct. Hence homo sapiens are called wise men since he used all the tools of his age and possessed more knowledge than all his relatives.

Additional information:
The proto human looks like the combination of the human and the apes. The homo habitus man was with big toes, and a protruding face. The homo erectus man walked straight and he possessed the knowledge of the fire. The Neanderthal man is not a full man but he used crude tools for hunting and buried the dead.

Thus the correct answer is option ‘B’.

Note:The Homo sapiens did the hunting and the gathering. He used all types of the implements for that. He moved from Africa to the other parts of the globe like Europe, Asia etc. The modern human present now is called Cro-Magnons.