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The two life processes that maintain a balance of carbon dioxide and oxygen in nature are
(A) Respiration and egestion.
(B) Excretion and osmoregulation.
(C) Photosynthesis and respiration.
(D) Photosynthesis and excretion.

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Hint:The carbon dioxide and the oxygen must be properly regulated in the atmosphere. If not, the survival of all the organisms seems difficult. Since the plants consume carbon dioxide and the plant depending organisms consumes oxygen for its life.

Complete answer:
The plants produce their own food by the process of photosynthesis. It is the process in which the plant prepares their food by using water and carbon dioxide with the help of sunlight. The chlorophyll pigment present in the leaves helps to trap the light for the photosynthesis. This releases the oxygen as the end product. The other organisms undergo respiration.

The respiration is the process in which the oxygen is inhaled and the carbon dioxide is exhaled. The inhaled oxygen is used for the metabolism of the cells. Hence the living organism breathes out carbon dioxide and this carbon dioxide is absorbed by the plants. It turns the plants release of oxygen as the result of the photosynthesis which is used for the other organism. Hence the oxygen and the carbon dioxide level in the atmosphere is balanced by the respiration and the photosynthesis.

Thus the correct answer is option (C)/

Note: Nowadays in addition to the exhalation of the carbon dioxide from the body, there is the release in many amounts by industries, vehicles etc. But there is the continuous cutting of forest and hence the oxygen level in the earth decreased and the carbon dioxide increased causing global warming.