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The total number of isomers for a square planar complex
$\left[ {M{\text{ }}\left( F \right)\left( {Cl} \right)\left( {SCN} \right)\left( {NO2} \right)} \right]:$
$A){\text{ }}12$
B) $8$
C) $16$
D) $\;14$

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Hint :Isomerism is the phenomenon in which more than one compound has the same chemical formula but different chemical structures. Chemical compounds that have identical chemical formulas but differ in properties and the arrangement of atoms in the molecule are called isomers.

Complete Step By Step Answer:
The total number of isomer for a square planar complex $\left[ {M\left( F \right)\left( {Cl} \right)\left( {SCN} \right)\left( {NO{\text{ }}2{\text{ }}{\text{ }}} \right)} \right]{\text{ }}is{\text{ }}12.$
In principle, square planar geometry is achieved by flattening a tetrahedron. As such, the interconversion of tetrahedral and square planar geometries provides a pathway for the isomerization of tetrahedral compounds.
 Square planar could be a molecular shape that results when there are four bonds and two lone pairs on the central atom within the molecule.
Two orbitals contain lone pairs of electrons on opposite sides of the central atom. The remaining four atoms connected to the central atom give the molecule a square planar shape.
seo images

These complexes differ from the octahedral complexes in that the orbital levels are raised in energy because of the interference with electrons from ligands. This implies that almost all square planar complexes are low spin, strong field ligands
Hence option (A) is correct.

Note :
The square planar molecular geometry in chemistry describes the stereochemistry that is adopted by certain chemical compounds. In square planar molecular geometry, a central atom is surrounded by constituent atoms, which form the corners of a square on the same plane.