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The term inland refers to which of the following?
(A) Culturing fish in freshwater
(B) Trapping and capturing fishes from coast
(C) Deep sea fishing
(D) Extraction of oil from fishes

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Hint: The process of farming or cultivation of aquatic life forms i.e. plants and animals that include algae, mollusca, crustaceans etc. is called aquaculture.

Complete answer:
The term inland fishery refers to culturing fish in freshwater fishery is the act of catching fishes and then can be used up on commercial scale for economic purpose. Most of the fisheries are marine when compared to fresh water. There are two types of fisheries,
(1) Inland fishery: This type of fishery generally takes place in the types of water namely freshwater and brackish water. It includes the river system. Lakes, irrigation canals, tanks, ponds etc.
(2) Marine fishery: The type of fishery in which rearing of fish takes place in sea water or ocean is called marine fishery. Inland fisheries refer to take place where fishing is carried out in freshwater sources like Lakes, rivers and water streams.
Practicing fishery is very useful on an economic scale as it is a sources demos tic fish consumption and it is also an important sector of many local economies. The practice of culturing fishes has been of green importance and led to the blue revolution.
When aquatic animals are captured from natural water bodies for food ornaments and other purposes it is called capture fishery. When there is a culture of a particular aquatic animal to a specific area or combined area, it is called a culture fishery.

Therefore, from the above explanation the correct option is (A) Culturing fish in freshwater.

Note: The importance of inland fisheries are,
i) They help in providing cultural and recreational services.
ii) It helps in providing food to billions.
iii) It is also seen as a very important nutritional and food resource for a lot of countries.