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The term ecosystem is derived from the Greek word Oikos meaning.
A. Body weight
B. Food
C. House
D. Size

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Hint: Ecosystem is the study of organisms' relationships with their habitat. Some of the most important human issues are rising populations, food scarcity, pollution like global warming, extinction, and the sociological and political problems that are associated with them.

Complete answer:An ecosystem is a geographical region where plants, animals, and other species work together to form a bubble of life, as is the atmosphere, and landscape. Ecosystems include biotic or living elements, as well as abiotic or non-living components. Plants, livestock, and other species are part of biotic factors.
The German zoologist Ernst Haeckel, who applied the term "ecology" to the relationship between the organic and inorganic world of the species, coined the word "ecology" in 1866. The words derived from the Greek "Oikos' meaning household, home or a livelihood, and "logo" means learning the way organisms react to their environments. So, the study of organisms at home is basically ecological. Ecology focuses on the study of energy flow and environmental materials. The analysis and work of nature. It also deals with the exchange of different products, including biogeochemical cycles, between the biotic and abiotic components of the ecosystem. Ecological thinking emerges from existing philosophical trends in ethics and politics in particular
Greek word Oikos, meaning home, as an ecosystem is kind of a house, is the reference name for the word 'Ecosystem.'

Hence, the correct answer is option C-house.

Note: Ecology deals with and works with species in the environment or the ecosystem. Ecology is the study of the interaction between living organisms and their surroundings. An ecosystem is an environment in which encounters between the living and non-living things happen, such as a rotting log, a forest, or even a schoolyard.