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The temperature dropped 2 degrees each hour for 6 hours. Which integer shows the change in temperature over 6 hours?

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Hint:In the given question, we have been asked to find the total change in the temperature after 6 hours and we were asked which integer shows the change in the temperature i.e. whether it is positive integer or it is negative integer. To find the total temperature change, we will need to multiply the temperature dropped in each hour to the total number of hours.

Complete step by step solution:
We have given that,
The temperature has been dropped by 2 degrees each hour for the total of 6 hours.
We will show it as -2 degree because negative sign is used when the number is decreasing.
Total temperature dropped = temperature dropped in 1 hour \[\times \] total number of hours.
After 6 hours, temperature will be decreased by = \[-2\times 6=-{{12}^{0}}\]
Therefore, after 6 hours the temperature will be dropped by 12 degrees. The negative integer shows the change in temperature over 6 hours because the temperature was decreasing.

While solving these types of questions, students should always know about the concept of positive integer and the negative integer. In case of temperature if the temperature dropped each hour, the temperature will get decreased and for that we will use negative sign i.e. here negative integer will be used to show the change in the temperature. If there is a rise in the temperature we will use the positive integer to show the change in the temperature.