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The symbolic representation of a elements is known as:
C.Chemical Formula.
D.None of the above.

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Hint: We know that we are asked what is the symbolic representation of one molecule of a compound called. First, we can discuss the molecule or compound, and then we are able to discuss the symbolic illustration of the one molecule of a compound.

Complete answer:
A chemical equation is written because the symbolic representation of a chemical response inside the form of symbols and formulae, wherein the reactant entities are given at the left-hand side and the product entities at the proper-hand side.
A molecule may be defined as a group of atoms bonded together, representing the smallest essential unit of a chemical compound which can participate in a chemical response. A compound is a chemical substance made of many same molecules composed of atoms from a couple of elements held together by way of chemical bonds. A molecule made up of atoms of simplest one element is consequently now not compound. A chemical formula in chemistry is a way of giving statistics about the chemical proportions of atoms that are present in a particular chemical compound or molecule, the usage of chemical element symbols, numbers, and it is a symbolic representation of one molecule of a compound.
The symbolic representation of elements is known as chemical formula. Example: The chemical formula of hydrogen is \[H.\]
Therefore, correct answer is option C.

Remember that A chemical component tells you the specific elements present in the compound and the number of atoms present. The letters in a chemical system are the symbols for the specific elements. So for instance, H means hydrogen, O method oxygen, Cu manner copper, F method fluorine , Fe manner iron and Away gold.