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The sulfur shower is a phenomenon related to
(a) Pine trees
(b) Angiosperms
(c) All gymnosperms
(d) Pteridophytes

Last updated date: 20th Jun 2024
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Hint: These are conifer plants bearing yellow pollen that are winged so that they can be easily carried by the veins to the female flowers for germination.

Complete answer:
The sulfur shower is a phenomenon that is related to pine trees. The sulfur shower means that when the huge number of yellow pollen of mature pine trees is released into the air they look like a cloud of yellow color. It does not mean that it contains sulfur or there is a presence of sulfur but the name is given due to the color of yellow pollen that resembles sulfur in appearance. This released pollen is carried to the female cone of the same or another pine tree by the wind for pollination that may lead to reproduction.

Additional Information:
- This pollen can be carried from a pine forest by the wind to great distances.
- Pines are plants that belong to the group of gymnosperms. These plants bear cone- shaped naked- seeds.
- In Eastern Himalayas, the sulfur shower occurs during the spring season.
- During the phenomenon of the sulfur shower a huge amount of pollen is released by the pines in the forest atmosphere. This will saturate the air and there remains a yellow deposit on the floor of the forest. Thus during the process, most of the pollens are wasted and only a small amount of pollens will reach the female cones.
- The Conifers are the plants that consist of cones. For example pines. The pines are having two types of cones: male cones also called pollen cones and female cones also called seed cones.
So, the correct answer is '(a) Pine trees'.

- The pollens released are carried to the female cone of the same or another pine tree by the wind.
- The phenomenon of sulfur shower can be observed in the Eastern Himalayas.
- Pines belongs to the gymnosperm group bearing both male and female cones.