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The statement given below is incorrect. Rewrite the correct statement changing the underlined word of the statement.
Gyri and Sulci are the folds of cerebellum.

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Hint: Brain consists of three parts that are Cerebrum, Cerebellum, Brain stem. Brain with the nervous system makes the central nervous system (CNS). Brain controls all the voluntary and involuntary actions including processing, integrating and coordination.

Complete answer:
Major 3 parts of brain and their functions are as follow
Cerebrum: This is the uppermost part of the brain which consists of two divisions joined by corpus callosum. It is responsible for receiving and sending information from the body to sense organs. Also help in speech, imagination, motor control, personality e.t.c.
Cerebellum: Cerebellum also called as “little brain”. It is the major part of the hindbrain located near the brainstem. It is majorly responsible for voluntary movements. Also, in control and coordination of balance.
Brain Stem: It is present in the posterior part of the body which connects the cerebrum with the spinal cord. It consists of midbrain, the pons, and the medulla oblongata. It helps in regulation of involuntary action as in breathing, heartbeat.
Cerebral cortex covers the cerebral hemisphere which constitutes about $40\%$ of the brain's mass. It is unique in appearance consisting of folds and ridges. The ridges are known as gyri/gyrus and depression are called as sulci/sulcus. These structures give wrinkled appearance to the brain.

Hence Gyri and Sulci are the folds of Cerebrum. Therefore, the underline word cerebellum would be replaced by cerebrum.

Cerebral cortex is the major site of neural integration. It consists of 14-15 billion neurons. These are helpful in coordination, language, thought, and memory.