The reproductive part of plant is:
a. Leaf
b. Stem
c. Root
d. Flower

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Hint: The reproductive organs of plants are flowers. Flowers contain the microspores within their anthers and eggs present in their carpel which together fuse to give rise to another plant.

Complete answer:
The plant structures such as leaves, stems, roots, flowers, fruits and seeds are plant organs. These structures can be divided into two groups namely reproductive parts and vegetative parts. Reproductive parts include flowers, fruits and seeds whereas the vegetative parts of the plant are leaf, stem, roots and leaves.

The chief function of the flowers is sexual reproduction. They achieve fertilization with the process of pollination. The beauty and fragrance of flowers evolved to attract pollinators which aid the process of pollination.

The reproductive part of plant i.e. flower contains male reproductive part called stamen and female reproductive part called pistil and some accessory parts such as sepals, petals and nectar glands. Stamen is a male reproductive part and contains pollen sac (anther) held by a long supporting filament which makes the pollen available for dispersal by wind, insects or birds. Further, the pistil is a female reproductive part having a broad oval base and located in the centre of the flower. It has three parts, stigma, style and ovary. The stigma is located at the top and usually serves as the landing platform for pollen grains. It is connected by the style to the ovary. Ovary contains the eggs which are present in ovules. When the egg is fertilized the ovule develops into seeds.

Note: The sepals are the small green leaf like structures located at the base of the flower to protect the flower bud. Whereas, the petals are the highly colored and perfumed part of the flower which mainly attract pollinators.
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