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The Preamble of the Indian Constitution provides philosophy and values of the Constitution. Explain any three values that you derive from it.

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Hint: 'Preamble' refers to the introduction to the constitution. It contains the summary or essence of the constitution and can be referred to as the "identity card" of it.

Complete answer: The Preamble is the introductory part of the constitution which guides the people of the nation. K.M called Preamble as the Political Horoscope of Indian Constitution, Thakurdas Bhargav called Preamble as the Soul of the Constitution and N.A Palhiwala called it as the identity card of the constitution.
The Preamble of the Indian Constitution has a great significance as:
1. It embodies the basic philosophy and fundamental values - political, moral - on which the constitution is based.
2. It reveals the source of authority of the constitution by mentioning, ' we, the people of India.'
3. It is the soul of our constitution. It is the yardstick with which one can measure the worth of the constitution.
4. It reflects the nature of the Indian state and defines the basic characters of the constitution through words like secular, socialist, republic etc.
Three values that are derived from it are as follows :-
1. It secures justice and liberty to all.
2. It provides equality to all citizens of our nation.
3. It promotes fraternity to maintain unity & integrity of the nation.

Note: The Preamble has been amended only once so far, in 1976, by the 42nd constitutional amendment Act, which added three new words, Socialist, Secular, and Integrity to the Preamble.