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The planet which appears reddish in colour is

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Hint: The reddish colour planet comes under inner planets and it has iron oxide prevalent on the surface of the planet. Our scientists are trying to find a life form on this planet because it contains oxygen and water on it.

Complete step by step answer:
We know that the planet revolves around a star and it keeps changing its position with respect to the sun. In our solar system, the sun is the start around which the planet rotates.
The presence of different types of gases, materials, atmospheres and its position provide certain characteristics to the planet.

The planet appears red in colour as mars due to the presence of iron oxide prevalent on the surface of the mars. It is also known as the red planet.

Additional information:
The planet which is closest and farthest to the sun are mercury and Neptune respectively. Even though mercury is the closest to the sun, it is not the hottest planet. The hottest and brightest planet is venous due to the presence of high quantities of the carbon in the atmosphere and Venus is also called morning or evening star.
The earth is known as the blue planet and it is the only planet that has life in our solar system. Neptune also has a blue colour.

Note: The mars have approximately half the diameter of the earth and contains some oxygen and water. Also, Mars has seasons, volcanoes and polar ice. It is also known as Mangal.
Mars is the smallest planet and Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system.