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What is a collective noun for bees?

Last updated date: 20th Jun 2024
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Hint:A collective noun is a noun which is used to refer to a group of people, places, things , animals as a whole. Example: A bunch of grapes.
Example: A pack of cards.
We will discuss which word refers to a collective noun for ‘bees’.

Complete answer:
Let us proceed to figure out the correct answer with the help of the above stated hint.

Collective noun is a single word that refers to multiple items. For example, if you talk about a number of bees, you use the singular “swarm” to represent more than one bee. Therefore, the collective noun for bees is ‘swarm’ that represents more than one of the bees. For example: The bee swarm suddenly began to fly.
You can also say “bees are flying” in a sentence, where “bees” means group. As you can see, when defining a group of bees, it is enough to use the word “group”. For example;
A group of bees.
There are also a number of other collective nouns used for bees like “a cluster of bees”, “a hive of bees”, “a rabble of bees”. It depends on the situation we describe.

Note:Though a collective noun for ‘bees’ is various names, generally we use the noun ‘swarm’ to refer to a group of bees. Collective nouns are words for single entities that are made up of one or more persons, animals, things or ideas. Example: A class of 8 pointers and above.
Example: A team of professionals.
Example: An experienced jury.
Example: A herd of sheep.