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The pattern on paper in chromatography is known as?
A) Chroming
B) Chroma
C) Chromatograph
D) Chromatogram

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Hint: We have to remember that chromatography is a technique for separation of mixtures. It requires a mobile phase and stationary phase. A pattern is recorded on paper when a paper is placed in solvent. Usually the solvent taken is a mixture of ethanol and hexane.

Complete answer:
While we run any chromatography like paper or thin layer chromatography. Spots of a mixture are allowed to be put on a paper or thin plate depending on which technique you are using with the help of capillary. After that paper or thin plate is placed in a beaker containing solvent which can be a mixture of ethanol and hexane. So, the pattern that is observed on the paper or plate after the solvent runs completely into that sheet is known as Chromatogram.
Option A) this is an incorrect option.
Option B) This is an incorrect option as chroma also refers to color but it does not represent the pattern on paper in chromatography.
Option C) this is an incorrect option.
Option D) this is a correct option as Chromatogram is the pattern that is observed on paper while running chromatography. The visible spots are recorded on paper and that is known as chromatogram.

We have to remember that the chromatographic techniques can be of different types: paper, thin layer, liquid, gas. And all works on the basic principle of separation whether it’s a mixture of liquid or gas or both. All these techniques have two things in common that is the presence of stationary and mobile phase although they differ for different techniques.