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The number of ions formed when cuprammonium sulphate is dissolved in water is.
A) Zero
B) $1$
C) $2$
D) $4$

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Hint: We know that Tetraamminecopper (II) sulfate is the salt with the equation\[\left[ {Cu{{\left( {N{H_3}} \right)}_4}} \right]S{O_4}\cdot{H_2}O\]. This dull blue to purple strong is a salt of the metal complex \[{\left[ {Cu{{\left( {N{H_3}} \right)}_4}\left( {{H_2}O} \right)} \right]^{2 + }}.\] It is firmly identified with Schweizer's reagent, which is utilized for the creation of cellulose strands in the creation of rayon. It is utilized to print textures, utilized as a pesticide and to make other copper intensifies like copper nano-powder.

Complete answer:
The strong state salt of Tetraamminecopper (II) sulfate contains the mind boggling particle \[{\left[ {Cu{{\left( {NH3} \right)}_4}{H_2}O} \right]^{2 + }}\] which has a square pyramidal subatomic calculation. The bond length between the iotas in the gem is estimated utilizing X-beam crystallography; the \[Cu - N\] and \[Cu - O\] distances are around \[210\] and \[233pm\] , respectively. \[Cu\left( {N{H_3}} \right)\] The right groupings of alkali and copper sulfate arrangement expected to incorporate the complex can be controlled by calorimetry. The blend of the right focuses will create the most elevated absorbance read out on the colorimeter and accordingly the equation of the complex can be checked.
The molecular formula of the given Cuprammonium salt is\[\left[ {Cu{{\left( {N{H_3}} \right)}_4}} \right]S{O_4}\] when dissolved in water it gives two ions, \[{\left[ {Cu{{\left( {N{H_3}} \right)}_4}} \right]^{2 + }}\] and \[S{O_4}^{2 - }\]. Hence option C is correct.

Now we can discuss about the solubility of the given salt:
The dark blue translucent strong will in general hydrolyze and advance (discharge) smelling salts after remaining in air. It is genuinely dissolvable in water. The splendid dull blue-violet shade of Tetraamminecopper (II) sulfate solution is because of quality of \[{\left[ {Cu{{\left( {N{H_3}} \right)}_4}} \right]^{2 + }}\] regularly, the dim blue-violet tone is utilized as a positive test to check the presence of \[C{u^{2 + }}\] in a solution. The trademark dark blue shade of the tetra ammine complex is found in metal and copper compounds where assault from alkali has happened, prompting breaking. The issue was first found in ammo cartridge situations when they were put away close to creature squander, which delivered the following measures of smelling salts. This kind of consumption is known as season breaking.
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