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The number of fertilized eggs in the ootheca of Cockroach is
A. 16 pairs in two rows
B. 16 in two rows
C. 10 in one row
D. 8 in two rows

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Hint: Cockroach gives birth to young ones through eggs. In addition, a cockroach carries around 14 to 16 eggs in total inside it.

Step by step answer:The Cockroach belongs to the Blattodea order. Female Cockroach deposits 50 or more thecae in its lifetime and these thecae contain 14-16 eggs which turn into nymphs in 45 days. A nymph is the infant stage of Cockroach which lasts around 11-14 months.
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Option A is 16 pairs in two rows. Now, 16 pairs in one row mean a total of 32 eggs inside the ootheca. A pair of 16 eggs in two rows means a total of 64 eggs. But we know that there are only 14-16 eggs inside an ootheca.
Option B is 16 in two rows. This is not the correct answer as a single ootheca contains only around 14-16 eggs and in two rows. If there will be 16 eggs in each row that will be a total of 32 eggs.
Option C is 10 in one row. This can’t be true as the ootheca contains two rows and each contains 8 eggs.
Option D is 8 in two rows. This is the correct answer as 8 eggs in each row makes up 16 eggs in one ootheca.
So, the right answer is Option D.

Note: Cockroaches prefer dark and humid environments. Many female cockroaches either carry the ootheca attached to their abdomens or sometimes they drop the ootheca before even hatching their eggs. On finding specific appropriate conditions the eggs hatch into nymphs which are cream-white.