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The number of components in a binary solution is/are:
A. $1$
B. $2$
C. $3$
D. $4$

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Hint: The term binary solution refers to the presence of a solute and a solvent. A solution is a homogenous mixture of different components. The solute is usually in lesser concentration when compared to the concentration of solvent.

Complete step by step answer:
a solution as mentioned above consists of two components: a solute and a solvent. These solute and solvent have to combine to make a single solution which happens to be a homogenous mixture. Before mixing there is a possibility that the solute is not in the same state of matter as the solvent. For example, a sugar solution can be considered to be a binary solution where in the sugar is the solute and water is the solution. As we know, sugar before dissolving is in the crystalline form that is, it is in the solid state. The solid state disappears on coming in contact with water.
Therefore, even though the sugar and water are in different physical states they mix to form one homogenous phase.
Solution need not always be liquid. They can also be solid or gaseous. A solid solution is a solution where in both the solute and solvent combine to become a homogeneous solid. This can be seen in alloys. A gaseous solution is always homogeneous. Therefore, we can conclude that a mixture of two gases is always a solution.
The formation of a solution also depends upon internal factors such as solubility of a solute in a solvent. This means that if the solute is more soluble in a solution, we can easily make a solution. The external factors are temperature. With increase in temperature the solubility of a solute in a solvent increases.

So, the correct answer is Option B.

Note: it is important to keep in mind that a solution is always a homogenous mixture. A mixture of two gases is always a solution. A binary solution consists of two components. A solution can also be a solid or gas provided both the components are in the same phase.