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The mould-board of a tractor drawn soil turning plough is the type of
A. General purpose
B. Stubble
C. Sod (breaker)
D. High speed

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Hint: When the depth of ploughing is increased, the power and speed requirement is also increased drastically.

Complete answer: Plough is a tool which is used by the farmers for cultivating the soil, for the sowing of seeds and turning over the soil and also cutting furrows. Soil turning plows are generally made of high-quality iron and are drawn by tractors.

1. The mouldboard is an important part of the plough that receives the furrow slice from the wing of the share. It cuts trash and buries it completely.
2. It is also used for turning in the green manure crop for decaying under the soil, which in turn adds humus to the soil.
3. The mould board plough is essentially used for turning and mixing several farming ingredients of soil such as compost, manure, or lime uniformly in the soil.
4. This also helps to loosen the soil and thus allows the roots to penetrate deep into the soil and allows them to respire properly. Additionally, loosened soil also helps in the proper growth of earthworms and other essential microbes in the soil.

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So, the correct answer is D. High speed.

Note: Tractors have multiple other purposes such as they are used for deep tillage of land, and also help in burying weeds and remains of previous crops thus increasing the fertility of the soil.