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The most important reason for the decrease in biodiversity is
a. Habitat pollution
b. Introduction of exotic species
c. Over-exploitation
d. Habitat destruction

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Hint: The exploitation and the decline in the number of species by modifying and changing their territory from where they belong to and from where they originated.

Complete answer:
The major cause of the decrease in biodiversity is due to the process by which the animal’s natural habitat is destroyed which results in the change in habitat, this is called habitat destruction or habitat loss.

Additional information:
-Biodiversity is the presence of a variety of life on earth.
-It can be measured on three levels: genetic, species, and ecosystem level.
-Biodiversity is more towards the tropics while terrestrial biodiversity is present at the equator.
-When the natural habitat is unable to support the life which exists there, then they will lose themselves or die resulting in a reduction in biodiversity.
-The main reason for the decrease in biodiversity is overpopulation, global warming, deforestation, and pollution.
-The major biodiversity reducing factor is habitat destruction.
-It may also occur due to the change in the environment, the introduction of invasive species, loss of water, minerals, and nutrients from the habitat.
-The loss of habitat will result in fragmentation of habitat leading to small habitats with few organisms.
-The exotic species are those which are not found locally and are introduced from another country.
-Over-exploitation refers to the use of any resource until it is destroyed.

So, the correct answer is ‘Habitat destruction’.

The term biological diversity was used first in 1916 by J. Arthur Harris. The term biological diversity was introduced scientifically in 1980 by Thomas Lovejoy. The term biodiversity was first introduced in 1985 by W. G. Rosen. Biodiversity occurs due to evolution which takes place around 3.5 billion years ago.