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The method of sexual reproduction has seen in bacteria
a. Isogamy
b. DNA transfer as transformation, conjugation, and transduction
c. Spermatization
d. None of the above

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Hint: Usually in the bacteria, sexual reproduction does not take place, where the exchange of genetic material takes place, with the help of reproductive parts such as pilus, where the two bacteria contact and exchange take place.

Complete answer:
Bacteria is a microscopic organism, this is unicellular organisms belongs to prokaryotes, a where there is no true nucleus, so they reproduce asexually, though sexual reproduction is absent in bacteria, where the process similar to sexual reproduction occurs which we called is Recombination.

The formation of endospores usually takes place in case of asexual reproduction.
Bacterial recombination usually takes place in three ways such as
- Transformation
- Transduction
- Conjugation.

> Transformation: It is the process, where the DNA of the bacteria transforms from the capsulated bacteria to no capsulated, bacteria.

> Transduction: It is the process, where the transfer of DNA takes place from one bacteria to other bacteria with the help of bacteriophage.
It usually takes place in some of the bacterial species such as Escherichia, salmonella etc

> Conjugation: In conjugation transfer of genetic material takes place in specific strain of bacteria, where the bacteria which transfer the Genetic material has specific factor such as F factor and this is said to be male bacteria or donor bacteria, while the bacteria which is receiving the genetic material is said to be female bacteria, in which F factor is absent.

- Option isogamy is not correct as it means sexual reproduction usually occurs through gametes, which doesn’t takes place in bacteria
- At the same time Spermatization is also a sexual reproduction which won’t happen in prokaryotes.

Hence, The correct answer is option (B).

Note: In bacteria true sexual reproduction does not takes place, but the similar type occur where it is called as Recombination, and most of the bacteria reproduce asexually, most common type of asexual reproduction in bacteria is binary fission.