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The machine used for weaving is called
D.both (B) and (C)

Last updated date: 13th Jun 2024
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Hint:Weaving is defined as a method in which threads are interlaced at right angles so that it can form a fabric. For weaving, machines are used that hold threads and help you to weave them.

Complete step by step answer:
A machine called loom is used for weaving purposes .
A loom is defined as a machine which is made to weave threads into fabric. It makes the work easier for its users. It helps to design clothes at a much faster rate. It does not require skilled laborers to operate the machine.
There are two types of loom that are used for weaving:
1.Handloom: It is a wooden machine in which pedals are fixed in place in the shaft. This machine was invented in the ${{13}^{th}}$ century. The thread is hung from a wooden piece. In the beginning, raising and lowering of threads one by one is done manually.

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2.Powerloom: Powerloom is a great development in the industrialization of weaving. It works similarly like handlooms but it replaced the power source needed to draw the warp threads with steam power, making the work much easier.

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Therefore, the machines that are used for weaving are powerloom and handloom.
Hence, the correct option is (D), that is, both (B) and (C).

Addition information:
There are some differences between powerloom and handloom:
Handlooms are used manually for weaving in which picking is done manually whereas powerloom are machines which are driven by steam engines. In this, picking is done automatically.

Powerloom and handloom both have the same basic functionality, but as already told above, handlooms are manual driven and powerlooms are driven by steam engines, so it adds a huge difference in the efficiency of both the machines. Hence, a powerloom is much more effective and faster than a handloom. But, on the other hand, when it comes to the point of variety, handlooms are preferred because one can easily alter the designs and patterns as per his choice.