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The lifespan of the parrot is:
A. 15 years
B. 50 years
C. 25 years
D. 140 years

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Hint: Life span refers to the period between the birth and the natural death of any organism. It is very interesting to note that the lifespan and the size of organisms are not at all related. For instance, the size of a parrot and a crow are almost the same but there is a huge difference in their life span.

Complete answer:
To solve the given question, we must be aware of the life span of various plants and animals.
The Cookie,Major Mitchell or Cacatua leadbeateri was the oldest living parrot. It lived the age of 82 years and 88 days. It died on 27 August 2016.
> Lifespan of a parrot is 140 years.
> Lifespan of an elephant is 60-70 years.
> Lifespan of a rose is 35 years.
> Lifespan of a crocodile is 60 years.
> Lifespan of a crow is 15 years.
> Lifespan of a dog is 10-13 years.
> Lifespan of a butterfly is 1-2 weeks.
> Lifespan of a tortoise is 100-150 years.
> Lifespan of a Banyan tree is a thousand years.
> Lifespan of a horse is 25-30 years.
> Lifespan of a rice plant is four months.
> Lifespan of fruit flies is 50 days.

Since now we know the lifespan of the various plants and animals, therefore, the correct answer to the question is option D i.e. 140 years.

Note: Here it must be noted that during its complete life cycle the parrot goes through five stages. These are neonate or hatchling, nestling, fledgling, weanling, juvenile which is also called as the pre-adolescent stage. The neonate stage is the one where the egg has just hatched. In the nestling stage its eyes are open but it is still dependent on its parent for nutrition. The fledgling stage is the one when the parrot learns to fly. In the weaning stage it is able to take care of itself. In the juvenile stage, now it is no more dependent on its parents but is still sexually immature.