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Why is the cell called the structural and functional unit of life?

Last updated date: 13th Jul 2024
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Hint: A cell is referred to as the smallest, basic unit of life that plays an important role for all of life’s processes. Cells are considered as the structural, functional, and biological units of all living organisms. A cell replicates on its own independently and is called as the building blocks of life.

Complete answer:
You should know, the cell is our most essential body forming unit. Each organ in our body is all formed of cells. Cells divide and multiply in order to make new organs as well as gametes.
Cell is termed as a functional unit of life because of the following reasons-
The cell is known as the structural and functional unit of life because all living beings are formed of cells.
Cells are very important for performing various life processes which are required for sustaining life on earth.
Moreover, cells give form and structure, process nutrients and make it into usable energy.
Multicellular organisms consist of specialized cells which perform specific functions.
Always keep in mind that, Cell is termed as a structural and functional unit of life because living organism/ beings consist of cells and all the physiological, biochemical, genetic and metabolic functions are performed inside of the cell. It is believed as the smallest functional unit that can exist independently.

Additional information:
Ovum is the largest cell in the human body. The ovum also termed as egg cell is the reproductive cell in the female organism body. Ovum is believed to be 20 times bigger as compared to the sperm cells.

Remember, A cell is capable of existing independently and can carry out all the functions which are important for a living being. A cell can perform nutrition, transportation respiration, excretion, and reproduction the same way an individual organism performs. Unicellular organisms can exist as independent which tells a cell’s capacity to exist independently. Because of this, a cell is termed as the fundamental/basic and structural unit of life. Note that all living beings are composed of the basic unit of life which is the- cell.