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The legs of Great Horned Owl possess a covering of
A. Scales
B. Feathers
C. Hair
D. None

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Hint: The Great Horned Owl is found in America. It is also known as tiger owl. It is a freely hunting animal which eats rabbits, rats, rodents and other small mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates. The colour of the skin is used for camouflage.

Complete answer –
To solve this question, we must know the distinct features of the Great Horned Owl.
As we have already discussed, the great horned owl is the native of America. It is a very distinct animal which uses its skin colour for camouflage. The underparts are light with some brown horizontal stripes whereas the upper parts and upper wings are dark brown in colour which has complex and darker markings.
The patches of different sizes are seen on the throat and belly. This organism has a unique feature that the horns are made up of tufts of feathers which are called plumicorns. This is important for attracting a sexual partner. The legs of the bird are covered with feathers that are black in colour. These feathers are known as the second largest feather present in an owl.
Scales- The scales are the sheet of protective layer which is present in the animal to protect it from environmental conditions. Scales are found in fishes, snakes etc.
Hairs-These are the thread like structure in the outer layer of the skin. The thick layer of hairs are found in elephants, yak, etc.

The correct answer is B) Feathers

The great horned owl is one of the earliest nesting birds in North America. It lays eggs before the other raptorial birds. The colour of the bird provides excellent camouflage which enables it to hide during the day and hunt during the night.