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The largest bird is
A. Emu
B. Cassowary
C. Rhea
D. Struthio

Last updated date: 17th Jun 2024
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Hint: Aves is a category under Kingdom Animalia. They are birds which usually lay eggs and can fly. Except for some exceptions, they all have the property of flying. Their body has wings and hard chest muscle which enables them to have a safe flight. Different birds can fly up to different heights.

Complete answer:
The flightless birds have been an exception in the aves category. Emu, cassowary, ostrich, etc. all are examples of it. They run very fast due to their long legs and height. Struthio is the other name of the Ostrich. It is native to Africa. It can run for a long time and distance. It has a speed of almost 60 km/hr. It records for the fastest bird speed on the land. It is the flightless bird and has a height of about 2.8 meters.
i. Emu: It is the second-largest bird in terms of height after Ostrich. It is found in Australia. It has a height of about 1.75 meters. They can weigh up to 120 pounds.
ii. Cassowary: It is found in New Guinea. They are the descendants of the dinosaurs. They are flightless birds as their lineages have lost the ability of flight.
iii. Rhea: It is found in South America. It has a height of about 4 feet. It is also a flightless bird.
Hence, the correct answer is Option (D).

Note: Ostriches can even kill a lion. The toe of the ostrich is long and sharp. They live in herds. Their kicks can be dangerous when they are angry. Their feathers are used economically by humans. They have 3 stomachs to digest the large plant matter. One should maintain eye contact with them.