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The land resources of Tamil Nadu are classified into _____ land use types.
A) Five
B) Seven
C) Eight
D) Nine

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-Tamil Nadu is a south Indian state and the capital of Chennai.
-Tamilnadu is one of the water deficit states in India.
-It occupies around 4% of the total land area and 3% of the total water resources of India.

Complete step-by-step answer:
The land use pattern in Tamil Nadu has undergone considerable changes over the past years due to the effect of urbanization and industrialization. Modifications in the land use pattern are correlated with ecological transitions. The per capita availability of land in Tamil Nadu is only 0.18 ha while the per capita net sown area is only 0.07 ha.

The state of Tamil Nadu has made a provision under the Land Reforms Act. According to this Act a person can own not more than 15 acres of agricultural land. Additional 5 acres is also allowed, provided it should not be more than 30 acres of land.

Hence the correct answer is option ‘D’.

i) Tamilnadu, which accounts for 7% of population and 4% of land area of the country with only 3% of water resources in India.
ii) Tamil Nadu is the 11th largest state of the country with an area of 130,058 km2 which accounts to 3.96 percent of India’s total geographical area.
iii) The State Government has considered to attain the growth of 4% under agriculture and allied sector and 8% in the economic growth in the XI Plan.