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The joint is seen in fingers and toe
A Hinge joints
B Ball and socket joint
C immovable joint
D Gliding joint

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Hint: A joint is an articulation between two bones in the body; it can be classified by the tissues which connect the bone. There are three types of joints on the basis of tissue synovial, cartilaginous and fibrous.

Complete answer:
Joints can be classified on the basis of movement. Some joints cannot move, these are called fixed joints.
Ball and socket joint this joint can move about 360 degrees. It is formed by the reception of globular head into a cup like cavity hence the name is called ball and socket. These are found in hip joints which allows backward forward sideways and rotating movement.
Pivot joints. These are formed this forms the neck joint which allow only limited movements.
Hinge joints are found in finger needs which allows about 180 degree of moment allowing bending and straightening movement.
Ellipsoidal joints. Ellipsoidal joints, such as the wrist joint, allow all types of movement except pivotal movements.
Hinge joints are seen in finger and toe.

Most joints are mobile, allowing the bones to move. Joints consist of the cartilage, Synovial membrane, Ligaments, Tendons.