The jog falls is on the _____ River in the Malnad region
A) Ghatprabha
B) Malaprabha
C) Sharavathi
D) Krishna

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The Jog falls is situated on the river that is present in the Western Ghats. The river flows in the state of Karnataka and also originates in Karnataka.

Complete Answer:
Jog falls is a waterfall, it is found in the river Sharavathi.
Ghataprabha is a village in the Belgagum district in Karnataka.
Malaprabha is also a river that is present in Karnataka. It is associated with the Western Ghats. This river joins Krishna River.
After Ganga, Godavari and Bramaputra the river Krishna is the fourth biggest river considering the water flow. River Krishna is also known as the Krishnaveni. This river is 1288 km long.

Thus, the correct option is option C.

Additional information:
Jog falls is the second highest waterfall in India. It depends on rain and season and is also a plunge waterfall. It is also a tourist place because of the beauty of the waterfall and is also ranked 13 in the world waterfall. The water drops from a height of 253. This is the third highest waterfall in India. The highest waterfall in India is in Meghalaya where water drops from 335 and is known as NohKaliKai falls. The second highest waterfall is Dudhsagar waterfall in Goa with the height of 310 metre.

In the Sharavathi waterfall a dam is also associated from which the electricity is being generated. This hydroelectric plant was set up in 1948 and was one of the largest hydroelectric power plants in India at that time. Today it acts as a very small all sorts of electric city in Karnataka.