Give four examples of a human-made environment.

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Hint:A man-made environment is one which has been modified by humans to fulfil and fit their needs.Before technology evolved, human beings would adapt themselves to the natural environment but over time they have learnt to monitor and regulate it according to their needs. The man-made environment can be of two types:
-inner environment or socio-economic environment which develop as a result of people residing in society and accordingly norms and traditions exist. It is also called the social heritage and is essential for human beings as they are primarily social and feel associated in this manner.
-outer environment or artificial physical environment which are made possible due to advancement in science and technology.

Complete answer:Some examples of the human-made environment are zoos where animals, birds and other organisms are kept outside of their natural habitat, aquariums where fish and other aquatic organisms are kept outside their natural environment, greenhouse where plants are grown outside their natural environment so that they can be regulated and buildings or other forms of infrastructure where human beings reside. Other examples include aquariums, artificial lakes etc.

Note: A natural environment exists naturally without the need for human interaction. Earth’s natural environment comprises— the lithosphere or the earth’s crust and top layer including all the mountains, plateaus, plains, valleys and other landforms; the hydrosphere or water bodies including seas, oceans, rivers, lakes, etc; the atmosphere or the air that envelops the earth which contains gases like oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, water vapour, etc; and the biosphere which contains all living beings including plants, animals and other organisms.