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The isotope of uranium _______ is used as a fuel in nuclear reactors.
(A) U - 232
(B) U - 233
(C) U - 234
(D) U - 235

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Hint: 92 is the atomic number of uranium and it is mostly considered for its radioactive properties. For this problem, we have to study about the uranium in brief and also about its application in various places.

Complete step by step solution:
-In the given question, we have to identify the correct isotope of uranium which is used as the fuel in the nuclear reactors.
-As we know that uranium has the atomic number of 92 but it consists of three main isotopes that are U - 238, U - 235 and U - 234.
-Among these three isotopes U -238 is naturally found in the most abundant amount on the earth.
-The uranium also undergoes alpha decay in which it yields alpha particles by the fission process.
-Fission is the process of splitting a larger molecule into two or more particles.
-The chemical reaction of the alpha decay of a uranium particle is given below:
${}_{92}^{235}\text{U }\to \text{ }{}_{2}^{4}\text{He + }{}_{90}^{231}\text{Th}$
-Here, the helium atom is the alpha particle.
-Now, the percentage of uranium - 235 in nature is about 0.7% and also it is considered as a fuel for nuclear power.
-This is so because we can see that it can decay naturally to produce the alpha radiation which is made up of two protons and two neutrons that make a nucleus together.

Therefore, option (D) is the correct answer.

Note: Various isotopes of uranium have been widely used as a nuclear power in submarines and during wars. Moreover, the uranium can also be used for the production of energy in a nuclear power plant which is clean.
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