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The incorrect match is
A. Portuguese man-of-war-Physalia
B. Red coral-Corallium
C. Sea anemone-Adamsia
D. None of the above

Last updated date: 16th Jun 2024
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Hint: In the given options, the Portuguese man of war belongs to the species P. physalis and class Hydrozoa. Corallium belongs to the family Coralliidae and phylum Cnidaria and the sea anemone belongs to the phylum Cnidaria and class Anthozoa.

Complete step by step answer:
a. Physaliais also known as the 'Portuguese-Man-of-War'. It is the only genus present in the family Physaliidae. They possess long tentacles that have numerous venomous and microscopic nematocysts. These nematocysts deliver a very painful sting which is powerful enough to kill a fish and, and in some cases, even humans.
b. Precious coral or red coral is the common name of Corallium rubrum. It also includes several related species of marine corals. The distinctive feature of precious corals is the durability and intense red or pink-orange coloured skeleton. It is used for making jewellery and other ornaments.
c. Adamsia is the genus of sea anemones belonging to the family hormathiidae. The species in this genus are in a mutually symbiotic relationship with hermit crabs. The sea anemone gets shelter and some discarded scraps of the crab's food in exchange help in the crab's defence.
Hence, the correct answer is option D.

Additional information: Sea anemones reproduce asexually by longitudinal fission or pedal laceration. Sea anemones like Urticina crassicornis are hermaphroditic animals, i.e. a single individual has both male and female reproductive organs, and hence can they reproduce sexually.

Note: The Portuguese Man of War gets its name from uppermost polyp which is a gas-filled bladder, or pneumatophore. It sits above the water and to some extent bear a resemblance to an old warship at full sail. Man-of-war is also called bluebottles as their pneumatophores are purple-blue.