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The given table shows the number of cars manufactured in four different colours on a particular day. Study it carefully and answer the question.
Vento Creta WagonR
White 884280

Which car was twice the number of silver Vento?
(a) Silver WagonR
(b) Red WagonR
(c) Red Vento
(d) White Creta

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Hint: We first find the number of cars silver Vento has in the data representation. We find the value of the double of that number. We try to find that number in the data and find the car type to find the solution.

Complete step-by-step solution:
The number of silver Vento cars can be found from the fourth row and first column where the number is 37.
We need to find the car type which has twice the number of silver Vento.
The double number of 37 is $37\times 2=74$.
There are in total 12 entries out of which only one has an entry of 74 and that is in the fourth row and third column. That block represents the Silver WagonR.
Therefore, the correct option is (a).

Note: We denote this type of representation as the bivariate representation where we are dealing with 2 types of variables. The right row and column represent its two characteristics at the same time.