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The fundamental building block of protein is:
(b)${ NH } _ { 2 }$ group
(c)${ COOH }$ group
(d)Amino acid

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Hint: They are the main constituent of the body which consists of nitrogen, hydrogen, carbon, and oxygen that supports the body organization of an organism and helps in the growth and development. They can exist as a zwitterion, where they have no net charge.

Complete answer:
The amino acids are the fundamental building block of proteins. The proteins consist of around 20 amino acids that form a large protein molecule when they are linked together.

Additional Information:
 -Proteins are the building blocks of the body that constitute various amino acids.
-These amino acids perform various functions including DNA replication, repair damage, cell metabolic processes, the structure of cells, and organisms.
-The amino acids contain two functional groups, an amino group, and a carboxyl group.
-The amino acids, when joined together, will form a long chain of a protein called a polypeptide chain which will form the building blocks of the proteins.
-The 20 amino acids are known as the standard amino acids due to the presence of triplet codons in their genetic codes.
-There are around two amino acids that do not code directly by DNA and are known as non-standard or non-canonical. They are selenocysteine and pyrrolysine.
-There are nine amino acids that are taken from the food and other compounds which are called essential amino acids.
-The amino acids are used as fertilizers, food, drugs, and supplements of nutrition.
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So, the correct answer is, ‘Amino acid.’

Note: The first amino acids were discovered from the asparagus named asparagine. It was discovered by the two French chemists Louis-Nicolas Vauquelin and Pierre Jean Robiquet in 1806. The other amino acids like cytosine were discovered in 1810, in 1820 glycine and leucine were discovered. These amino acids among the 20 amino acids discovered were threonine. It was discovered by William Cumming Raise in 1935.