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The French Revolution popularised many symbols. Each symbol depicted some basic values. Mention such symbols and their basic values.

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Hint: There were many symbols that were used during the French Revolution which were used to gain public support and identification. This was called the Symbolism of the French Revolution.

Complete answer: In order to differentiate between the old monarchy and new Republic, the leaders used various symbols to illustrate the differences. Symbols were borrowed from history and they were redefined. The symbols belonging to the old regime were destroyed or attached certain characteristics that would be acceptable. Some of the symbols were:
1. Fasces: This symbol originated in Rome. The symbol contains a bundle of birch rods along with a sacrificial axe. The Fasces in Rome symbolised the power of the magistrates which represented union and accord with the Roman Republic. During the French Revolution, this symbol was reincarnated and did not have any axe displaying central authority. It reflected the power of the liberated people. This was done by placing the Liberty cap on the classical symbol of Power.
2. Liberty cap: The Liberty cap is also known as the Bonnet Rouge or the Phrygian cap. It is a very important symbol of the French Revolution. Till today the French National Emblem, Marianne is seen wearing a Phrygian cap. The cap is red in colour and such caps were worn by the revolutionaries during the fall of the Bastille. In Rome, the slaves were given such caps to celebrate their freedom after they were set free.
3. The Guillotine: The Guillotine is one of the most fearsome symbols of the French Revolution. This machine was used for the efficient execution of enemies which made the process quick. It was made of large wood, a large metal blade attached to it which came down and beheaded the victim. The guillotine was known by many names like the ‘National Razor’, The Woods of Justice’ and many others.

Note: The guillotine symbol was used in France till 1977. La Marseillaise was no longer the National Emblem of France during the reign of Napoleon. the French Revolution inculcated the values of Justice, Equality and Fraternity which we still enjoy today.