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The formula of the colemanite mineral is:

Last updated date: 24th Jul 2024
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Hint: We have to know that borate minerals are utilized as a segment of cleansers and help in stain expulsion and dying. Borates make up pieces of the non-stick covering on pots and dishes. At the point when borates are added to glass or veneer, they increase heat opposition, making the material less inclined to break.

Complete answer:
We have to know that colemanite is a borate mineral found in evaporite stores of soluble lacustrine conditions. Colemanite is an optional mineral that structures by modification of borax and ulexite. It was first depicted in 1884 for an event close to Furnace Creek in Death Valley and was named after William Tell Coleman $(1824 - 1893)$ , proprietor of the mine "Amiability Borax Works" where it was first found. At that point, Coleman had then again proposed the name "smithite" rather than after his business partner Francis Marion Smith.
We have to know that, the borate minerals will be minerals that contain a borate anion bunch. The borate $B{O_3}$ units might be polymerized like the $Si{O_4}$ unit of the silicate mineral class. This outcomes in ${B_2}{O_5}$ , ${B_3}{O_6}$ , ${B_2}{O_4}$ anions just as more unpredictable designs which incorporate hydroxide or halogen anions. Numerous borate minerals, like borax, colemanite, and ulexite, are salts: delicate, promptly solvent, and found in evaporite settings. Notwithstanding, a few, for example, boracite are hard and impervious to enduring, more like the silicates.
Hence, the formula of the colemanite is, $C{a_2}{B_6}{O_{11}}.5{H_2}O$ .

Option (A) is correct.

We have to know that, the secondary minerals, this mineral is framed by the sub-solidus change of a prior essential mineral in a molten stone. Minerals which have solidified from magma are steady just at high temperature and can promptly change to low-temperature, auxiliary minerals when a liquid, for example water.