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The following are found in Taenia solium, which one is the correct sequence?
(a) Oncosphere, hexacanth, cysticercus, mature proglottid, gravid
(b) Mature proglottid, cysticercus, gravid, Oncosphere, hexacanth
(c) Hexacanth, cysticercus, gravid, Oncosphere, mature proglottid
(d) Gravid, oncosphere, cysticercus, hexacanth, mature proglottid

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Hint: It is also known as tapeworm. It causes infectious diseases which mostly affect the intestine. It has humans as the definitive host and the secondary host is the pigs. The given options show the different stages in the life cycle of Tapeworm.

Complete answer:
To solve this question, we must know about the life cycle of Taenia.
The tapeworm mostly infects animals. Humans act as definitive hosts where the infection lasts for a very short duration. The life cycle is as follows.

1)The first stage is the Oncosphere or the hexacanth stage. It is the larval stage which moves from the intestine to other tissues in an intermediate host.
2)The larva develops into cysticercus. It takes place in the bladder of the intermediate host. It can survive for many years in an organism.
3)The mature tapeworm is called the proglottid. It develops from the cysticercus.
4)These mature proglottids leave the host through feces or migrate independently.
5)The gravid proglottids release eggs in the small intestine which is passed through feces.

Hence, the correct answer is option (A)

Note: The infection of Taenia causes cysticercosis which is a disease of the intestine. It is caused due to eating undercooked pork. The tapeworm eggs are carried in human faeces which are transmitted when defecated openly. It can be treated by taking corticosteroids or antiseizure drugs.